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Demos/Events held at Michigan St. Location

Saturday, Mar 21

Get those Grubs Out of My Lawn!


March 21    Saturday   10:00am     Michigan Street Store in our Housewares Department

Tired of the damage grubs do to your lawn?  Not sure when to apply the appropriate grub preventative products?  Please join Steve Sorg from Bayer Advanced for an extrememely informative session on grub control and maintenance.   Bring Steve your "grubbiest" questions as he is sure to have the answer! 

Steve's presentation will last approximately 30 minutes followed by a question and answer session.


Seating is limited, so please register

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Saturday, Apr 11

Bass Fishing with Nick Clark


Saturday   April 11   9:00am       Location: Michigan Street Store in Sporting Goods Department

Nick Clark's passion is bass fishing and he wants to share his passion with you.  Nick will teach you the importance of reading the weed beds, observing sunlight direction, plus options for hooks,  bait and rigs.  Different lakes require different "techniques" for successful bass fishing. Nick's presentation will last approximately one hour including a question and answer session.

Since seating is limited, please register. 


Seating is limited, so please register

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