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Demos/Events held at Michigan St. Location

Saturday, Feb 06


Saturday     February  6  10:00am - 2:00pm   

Location: Rylee's ACE  on Michigan Street

Working Joe  - Skincare for Dudes - is a new product we are carrying at Rylee's ACE.  We would love for you to stop in and see for yourself what a wonderful skin care product this is for hands and feet!    Made from natural ingredients such as  beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter and a proprietary blend of essential oils.  Hand made!

Proudly made in Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Check out Working Joe's website:  

  "When your hands and feet are feeling cracked and worn, you can count on Working Joe to be right there with all natural ingredients that you'll feel good about putting on your skin."



Tuesday, Feb 09

Backyard Maple Syrup Program - Presented by Kristin from Blandford Nature Center


Tuesday    February 9    6:00pm         Location:  Michigan Street Store

Kristin, from Blandford Nature Center, will be giving an overview of the sugaring process and an introduction of how to tap your own trees.  She will be covering tools needed, weather conditions for tapping and collecting, plus how to cook the sap.    

This fantastic presentation is free but seating is limited so please register to save a spot.


Seating is limited, so please register

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