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Demos/Events held at Michigan St. Location

Thursday, Feb 25

Chalk Painting with Pamela of Brushmark Studios


Thursday   February 25   6:00pm  

Location: Michigan Street Store in our Housewares Department 

The owner of Brushmark Studio, Pamela Breidenfield, will be at our store demonstrating the wonders of chalk painting.  Pam attended Amy Howard's Chalk Paint Workshop in Memphis, TN this past summer and she can't wait to share chalk painting techniques with you.  Her enthusiasm for the magical transformational powers of chalk painting is contagious! Pam's presentation will last approximately one hour with lots of time for questions!

 Rylee's ACE carries Amy Howard's line of chalk which paint allows you to "rescue, restore and redecorate" your furniture without all the fuss of sanding, stripping or priming.

Seating is limited!   Please register early!

Seating is limited, so please register

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Saturday, Feb 27

Urban Container Vegetable Gardening


Saturday    February 27       10:00am       Location:  Michigan Street Store in our Housewares Department.

Spring is coming!  Seed catalogs have arrived in the mail!  So many of us want to have a garden but we don't have a big yard or we have too many trees, too much shade!   No worries . . . you can grow delicious, healthy, so-good-for-you vegetables in containers . . . containers on your deck, your patio even your sidewalk!

It might seem a bit early to be thinking vegetables but now is the perfect time to plan your veggie garden as there are so many options!  How early can I plant lettuce?  Can I grow potatoes in containers?  How can I keep my containers from drying out?  What is the best way to support tomatoes grown in containers?  What should I look for in healthy starter plants?  Can I grow my veggies from seeds?   What size containers?

Our Rylee's Ace Garden expert, Sandy, will talk about selecting the right containers, where to place your containers for optimum veggie sunshine requirements, proper soil, plus watering and fertilizing guidelines.  She will also encourage you to combine veggies in containers  . . . your containers will not only be functional but beautiful as well.

Seating is limited to please register to reserve your spot!


Seating is limited, so please register

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