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Available at these locations: Michigan St, Walker, West Fulton

Welcome to Rylee's Automotive section. We carry an array of products to fix-up and maintain your vehicle. From big trucks to small cars, rely on Rylee's to have just the product you are looking for. We carry apparence chemicals such as: waxes, car wash, sponges, bug and tar remover and much more. Rylee's automotive also has automotive repair products like helicoils, JB weld, Bondo, and more. We also carry windsheild wipers, oil, gas additives, and pennatrants. Make Rylee's your automotive headquarter!

Interstate Batteries

Do you need a replacement battery for your tractor, boat, or car? Interstate Batteries are available to Rylee's Ace Hardware Walker. With our old battery return program, you can help to keep the environment clean and get a return of the core charge of a battery that you buy.

Premium Quality Interstate Batteries have Advantages

Advanced Technology - Deliver more life cycles than other brands.

Negative Plate Paste Expander - This reduces wear and tear damage caused by heat, increasing the overall number of starts.

Sodium Sulfate Additive - Improves recharge acceptance when the battery is deeply discharged.

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