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Available at these locations: Michigan St, Walker, West Fulton

Got a leaky toilet or a dripping faucet? Rylee’s can help you fix that annoying leak and save you time and money. Our experts are on hand to answer all of your difficult plumbing questions. We carry all those hard-to-find parts that other stores don’t and won’t carry. We carry all the major brands including: Moen, Delta/Peerless, Toto, Eljer and Wayne just to name a few.

Experts in Plumbing Repair

Plumbing Repair At Rylee's Ace Hardware, we specialize in plumbing repair parts. Our inventory of these parts is massive, and we help you fix your plumbing problem. What about that old Wolverine faucet that is not made anymore? No problem for Rylee's. Most often, there is no need to buy a new faucet; rather, you can just get a new stem or other repair parts from Rylee's. Best of all, we show you how to do it or even fix it for you. Try getting that kind of service at a "Big Box" store. Save yourself time, energy, and frustration.

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