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Rylee’s Ace Hardware has the electrical products you need when it comes to your at-home electrical project. We carry many hard to find light bulbs, indoor and outdoor lighting, cords for home electronics, international outlet adapters and so much more. Ask one of our helpful associates if you need help, but you shouldn’t be surprised when they offer help before you even need it.

Compact Fluorescents

Compact Fluorescents use about 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and they last 10 times longer. It is possible to save $30 or more over the lifetime of a compact fluorescent bulb, and they produce much less heat that can cut energy involved with home cooling. The price of compact fluorescent bulbs has be- come fairly reasonable over the last few years. Value packs of these bulbs are available at all Rylee’s loca- tions.


LED bulbs LED light bulbs are more than eight times more efficient than incandescent lights, and they use half the energy of compact fluorescents. They also emit more directional light then other bulbs, which en- hances the effect and makes them good for workspace areas. Flood lights, spotlights, reading lights, and desk lamps are all good choices for LED bulbs.

LED bulbs save on replacement. In fact, one LED bulb can outlast 30 incandescent bulbs or 6 compact flu- orescents. This means that they operate at an average of 30,000 hours. LEDs are much more resistant to shock, vibration, and the extreme temperature changes that other bulbs are susceptible to. Unlike fluores- cent bulbs, they are not harmed by frequent off and on switching. These bulbs will definitely save you re- placement hassle.

In our Electrical department you’ll find:

-Light Bulbs
-Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
-Replacement Fixture Glass
-Ballasts & Fuses
-Electronics Cords
-Extension Cords
-Surge Protectors
-Outlet Adapters
-Electrical Switches
-Electrical Boxes & Covers
-Electrical Tape & Tools
-Cord Organizers
-Zip Ties
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