Emergency Preparedness

Locations: Michigan St

Emergency Preparedness. Sounds intimidating. There are many reasons to get prepared and we are not here to judge you. You can go to extremes like those “preppers” recently featured on poplar TV shows or you can simply stock up on a few days of fresh water supply. Whatever your reason for wanting to be prepared or self-sufficient, we are here to help you.

The economy is uncertain and disasters, whether man-made or natural are occurring frequently. It comes as no surprise that West Michiganders want to be prepared and self-sufficient. The hit TV shows feature the extreme “preppers” or survivalists, but even if you think these people are off their rockers, it is still better to be prepared for an emergency than a victim of one. If you are a parent, teacher or employer, you have committed to protect those around you. You don’t have to go to extremes, but just get prepared weather situations, automobile breakdowns, first aid emergencies, adventure settings and any other incident where self-sufficiency might make a difference.

Check out our first aid kids, food storage, water filtration, outdoor gear, knives, emergency tools and survival kits.

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